101 – Simulcast Team Debrief: COVID-19 Edition

In this podcast, we got the full team together, Vic, Ben, Jess and Jesse, and thought we would “show our workings” through having a structured team debrief while looking in on any lessons emerging from our individual work contexts. This is situated in the context of working through COVID-19 pandemic.

3 thoughts on “101 – Simulcast Team Debrief: COVID-19 Edition

  • Tracy

    Really appreciated this debrief, think a lot of people in health have experienced the anxiety, from both the expected avalanche of cases and / the exposure risk of caring for these patients and then the exhaustion of ongoing anxiety, followed by an almost let down feeling with the apocalypse hasn’t arrived.
    Talking to colleagues in the early stages, the simulation of even donning and doffing PPE has caused unprecedented levels of anxiety.
    Can relate to the “interpretation role” that you discussed and the different views and explanations from colleagues
    Keep up the good work guys

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