126 Journal Club Monthly Podcast April 2021

Ben and Vic dive into video supported feedback of actual resuscitations in this months Simulcast Journal Club. We review 2 papers on the topic – Filming for auditing of real-life emergency teams: a systematic review – and a case study of a Canadian emergency department experience – Ethical, legal and administrative implications of the use of video and audio recording . In reading these we reflect on the use of video for simulation debriefing, and the challenge of finding good evidence to guide our practice.  

We chat about 2 other articles focuses on debriefing for systems improvement and on team performance under stress

Vic suggests we take a look at a UK document outlining a national simulation strategy that might be of interest 

Happy listening and look forward to next month! 

2 thoughts on “126 Journal Club Monthly Podcast April 2021

  • Maybelle

    Hello! Brilliant podcast. Wonder if you can recommend a good framework for novice video reviewers that might not necessarily have training in debriefing and feedback. What is the statute of limitation on how long you would keep these videos?

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