135 Journal Club Podcast September 2021

We recorded the September Journal Club during Healthcare Simulation Week – a chance to reflect on the amazing work of the healthcare simulation community.  

Our first paper showcased the work of the STEPs (Simulation To Enhance Patient Safety) team at Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth. Rory Trawber et al. write about Improving Simulation Accessibility in a Hospital Setting – Implementing a Simulation Consultation Service. They give us a practical guide to leveraging the impact of a small, skilled simulation delivery team through a formalised consultation service for clinical units seeking to use translational simulation for their quality and safety challenges in clinical care. Rory makes an ( audio) appearance in the podcast and describes the importance of using a quality ansafety based reporting tool, based on the work of Mel Barlow and colleagues on a documentation framework for healthcare simulation quality improvement activities

As a nice example of using simulation as a test bed for planned clinical process improvements, Ben-Haddout and a team from Roeun, France offer us A Cognitive Aid Improves Adherence to Guidelines for Critical Endotracheal Intubation in the Resuscitation Room. We were impressed with the opportunities afforded by the in situ simulation setting, and the interesting ways to look at cognitive aids. 

We discussed a paper on Online-synchronized clinical simulation: an efficient teaching-learning option for the COVID-19 pandemic time and: beyond. This is one of many articles currently being published that seek to tease out the benefits and drawbacks of online scenario-based activities for learning engagement and impact. 

We covered a scoping review on Healthcare Provider Stress and Virtual Reality Simulation, and concluded that – despite a small literature base at present – this is a space to watch for those seeing to improve healthcare providers ability to mange stress in the clinical workplace. A highlight was a really useful table listing various tools used to measure healthcare professionals stress – in either simulation settings or the real world. 

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