153 Virtual Simulation in Nursing Education 

Disclaimer: We discuss a commercially available product in this episode. Simulcast nor any of the team received any incentive, financial or otherwise, for hosting, recording or producing this episode and were not influenced in the questions selected.

I was thrilled to be joined by two amazing guests to explore a space in the expanding world of virtual simulation for nursing education. Welcome to Simulcast Julie Stegman Vice President of the Nursing Segment of the Health Learning, Research & Practice (HLRP) business at Wolters Kluwer, and Professor Jacqueline Semaan, Simulation and Nursing Skills Lab Coordinator and Nursing Faculty at Lake Superior School of Nursing.

We discussed the socio-political context around gaps and need in nursing education and then dived into the development and early evaluation of the vSim package, all the while drawing extensions to broader opportunities.

Enjoy the chat. Cheers, Jesse