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What is it? This is our second ebook, a collection of the second 12 months of the Simulcast Journal Club, an online, open access journal club featuring healthcare simulation literature.  Each month includes the expert commentaries from a number of world renowned simulation experts. Why do we do it? The biggest single driver of all […]

Simulcast Journal Club – The Second Year eBook

This episode was recorded live at Markham Stouffvile Hospital in Canada. Victoria and Jesse were generously hosted by the hospital to share some lessons learned in simulation programs. This presentation was initially developed for a symposium in Dunedin in March 2018. We decide to reprise it, but instead of a […]

63 – Just Say ‘No’ to Simulation – Myths and ...

Introduction :   Simulcast Journal Club is a monthly series that aims to encourage simulation educators to explore and learn from publications on Healthcare Simulation Education.  Inspired by the ALiEM MEdIC Series, each month we publish a case and link a paper with associated questions for discussion.  We moderate and summarise the discussion at the end of the month in […]

Simulcast Journal Club October 2018

In situ simulation is increasingly popular for all the right reasons – highly realistic training with opportunities for team and systems testing. We’ve recognized there are risks, especially disruption of service and physical safety. But what about those patient and families ‘exposed’ to ISS? What do they think about it? What are their risks? And what […]

62 – Healthcare Consumers and In Situ Simulation