Monthly archives: December 2021

Ben, Vic and Jess offer a bumper holiday episode for your healthcare simulation listening enjoyment.  Transformative faculty development, suspension of disbelief in simulation, emotional activation for observers and participants, SPs or SPs – what’s in a name?, a taxonomy of non-technical skills, and lessons from the Fat Duck …….  Thanks to those who nominated articles for our discussion. Always welcome.  Happy […]

145 Simulcast Holiday Edition 2021

Ben talks about ‘Plus Delta’ debriefing with lead authors of 2 recent papers on the topic both published in Advances in Simulation. Adam Cheng starts the conversation talking about Embracing informed learner self-assessment during debriefing: the art of plus-delta, and giving us plenty of reasons to ensure this technique is on our repertoire as simulation […]

144 Advances in Simulation: Plus-Delta Debriefing