5, 6 & 7 – Vic at Aus Sim Congress

1 – Pause and Discuss with Jessica Stokes-Parish

Jessica Stokes-Parish (@j_stokesparish) was a co-convenor for the 2016 Australasian Simulation Congress. In this short interview on Day 1 we talked about the highlights of the conference so far, and her work on women speakers at conferences and women in STEM more generally. See also @WISSummit  on this topic.

2 – Cognitive Load theory with Michael Meguerdichia

One of the highlights of attending conferences like the Australasian Simulation Congress is the opportunity to meet and learn from members of the international simulation community. Michael Meguerdichia (@mmegue01) is an emergency physician and is Medical Director at The Simulation Center Harlem in New York, part of the NY Health and Hospital Simulation Centers. He ran a workshop at the conference based on his recent BMJ STEL paper on cognitive load theory and the way we can improve knowledge transfer in simulation. There was standing room only at the workshop, and in the interview we talked about how this theory informs design and delivery of scenarios.

3 – Debriefing and Faculty Development with Adam Cheng

Adam Cheng’s (@DocChenger) work on healthcare simulation debriefing is prolific. He is Director of Research and Development, KidSIM Simulation Program at Alberta Children’s Hospital and Associate Professor, Department of Paediatrics at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Canada. We met up at the ASC where I discovered he is also a lovely and self-effacing gentleman. We talked about the PEARLs workshop he conducted at the conference and the lessons from his comprehensive keynote lecture on all things debriefing. Adam’s leadership in developing debreif2learn.org promises to connect and inform the global simulation debriefing community.