58 – Pause & Discuss Simulation Research in EM in Canada

For this ‘pause and discuss’ episode, I was joined by Dr. Tim Chaplin – an ‘emerg doc’ (as they say in Canada) and Assistant Professor at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. 

Tim is also the Simulation Lead for the Department of Emergency Medicine. His research interests are in simulation-based education and resuscitation medicine. He has developed a simulation-based trauma education program for resident Trauma Team Captains as well as the Nightmares Course for junior residents covering in-patient call. 

I wanted to interview Tim after seeing him at a poster presentation on Boston recently, and was impressed by how he’d managed to bring together a large and geographically diverse group, to undertake a national snapshot of simulation-based research in Canada. 

We mention a range of topics including the outcomes of the 2017 SAEM Academic Emergency Medicine Consensus Conference: Catalyzing System Change Through Healthcare Simulation: Systems, Competency, and Outcomes 

We look forward to hearing more from Tim and his team in the future. 

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