EM Sim Cases is an amazing repository of peer-reviewed simulation scenarios developed by and for Emergency Medicine. Another brilliant Canadian FOAM collaborative.









MobileSim is an eclectic blog with ICU simulation scenarios and great faculty development, instructional design & debriefing resources. Jon Gatward is a true point-of-care simulation Guru.





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INTENSIVE is another top-notch FOAM resource from Chris Nickson. Intensive Blog is the education hub from The Alfred ICU. Chris has created an excellent bank of ICU in-situ simulation scenarios with all the trimmings.





The Simulated Man is technical and technique oriented blog written by Sweden-based simulation technician extraordinaire, Pete Dickens. A great resource for those interested in what it actually takes to RUN simulations.




1459682467324The SimTech aims to be an online hub for simulation resources, and does an amazing job of it. Andy Howes, simulation program lead from Canada, has made a huge compendium of scenarios, moulage recipes and guides, AV advice and even simulation job descriptions.


Debrief2Learn Fostered from the belief that effective feedback and debriefing play a critical role in healthcare education in both simulated and workplace-based environments, Debrief2Learn supports clinical educators by sharing resources to guide faculty development and exploring the latest innovations. We aim to create an online community of practice for health professions educators while advancing knowledge through cutting-edge collaborative research.

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