Advances in Simulation and Simulcast Collaborative

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Simulcast is pleased to announce a collaboration with Advances in Simulation, an open access simulation journal based in Europe. In this interview with Editor in Chief Professor Debra Nestel (@DebraNestel), we profile the content, people and philosophy of the journal.

Debra is already a friend of Simulcast, and wrote the expert commentary for our September 2016 Journal Club.

Our plan is to produce a bi-monthly podcast featuring an article from Advances, with an interview with the author, and editor or another discussant. Our aim is to continue to connect the simulation community across geography, discipline and modality, and to help research to be translated to practice. This series will complement our ongoing Journal Club (which will still feature articles from across the relevant journals) and our usual podcasts.

In this podcast, we take the opportunity to talk about diverse applications in simulation, peer review, open access journals, standards for simulated patients and the ethics of simulation.

A wonderful chance to listen to a friend and mentor to many in the simulation community.

Look out for our podcast with Ryan Bridges and his editorial From simulation research to education policy: how much evidence is enough?”. Advances in Simulation 20161:22 

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