VICTORIA is an emergency physician and medical educator.

She works at the Gold Coast, Australia – in the Emergency Department of the Gold Coast Health Service, and at Bond University Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine where she is the Director of the Clinical Simulation program. She has just returned from a 3 month sabbatical at the Center for Medical Simulation Boston.

Victoria’s main interests are in connecting education with patient care – through healthcare simulation, technology enabled learning, faculty development activities, and talking at conferences. She aims to use these strategies and more to bring healthcare ‘tribes’ together for better patient care

Victoria is an enthusiast in the social media and FOAM world  and a keen runner.

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JESSE is an Emergency and Critical Care Nurse and Educator.

Jesse’s work interests involve clinical governance, nursing leadership, educational design and delivery.

A restless soul, Jesse’s history includes working as a ICU clinical nurse consultant,  Learning and Development manager, Critical Care Nurse, Simulation Educator, and along with post graduate qualifications in critical care nursing he is also an Exercise Science graduate.

Jesse is founder and editor of blog and podcast, the Director of Simulation Education for the Teaching Institute, and a novice social media, simulation, and quality assurance researcher.

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BEN is a Paediatric Emergency Physician.

He is based at The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane and maintains close ties to the Simulation Training on Resus for Kids (SToRK) program at Queensland Children’s Hospital. In 2014 Ben was the first Simulation Fellow for Children’s Health Queensland and assisted in the statewide roll out of the SToRK Team’s program to teach Recognition of the Deteriorating Paediatric Patient. He currently teaches on a variety of paediatric simulation courses.

As a card carrying sim nerd, Ben has a strong interest in encouraging coal face educators to become more familiar with the research behind simulation education in order to improve the depth and breadth of their debriefing skills.

Follow Ben at @symon_ben

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