Translational simulation is about improving patient care. Carefully designed and delivered simulation activities can help rigorously review healthcare team and system performance, and then help design and test improvements.

The team at the Bond Translational Simulation Collaborative has more than 10 years’ experience in translational simulation design and delivery, and leading learning conversations.

Their consultancy and education programs are specifically designed for your institution and context. They are based on translational simulation strategies that have resulted in improved performance in trauma, cardiac care, emergency medicine, operating theatres and most recently in reshaping patient care for COVID-19. Teamwork and organisational culture are specific areas of interest and expertise within our group.

They work with Australian and international institutions, including but not limited to hospitals and health services, universities and industry partners, to apply translational simulation strategies in their local contexts.

We help healthcare teams do their work better, together.

The Bond Translational Simulation Collaborative is an academic and operational alliance formed by Bond University and Gold Coast Health to deliver better care, improve simulation delivery techniques and develop healthcare practitioners who can use simulation for their everyday quality improvement. 

Their work draws upon our combined expertise in healthcare simulation, education, quality improvement and anthropology.

Simulcast is both a seed and incubator of many discussions that lead to the Bond TSC will proudly promote the work of Victoria and the rest of the team. Simulcast has no commercial relationship with Bond University.

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