Monthly archives: May 2020

Vic spoke with (Dr) Jess Stokes-Parish and Steph Barwick about the ‘Women in Simulation’ Initiative within Simulation Australasia. Diversity is important in professional communities and Steph and Jess explained a bit about the background to this initiative, the work so far and how this can positively influence policy and support diversity […]

104 Women in Simulation

Can simulation be ‘too real’? Can this ‘hyper-reality’ actually have negative impacts on learning?  Vic takes a deep breath and dives into theory with the team from Queens University Belfast, including Jenny Johnston, Helen Reid and Gerry Gormley. We discuss their recent Medical Education article – Into the uncanny valley: simulation versus simulacrum?   Eve Purdy joined the chat to […]

103 Simulation or Simulacrum: Can Simulation Be Too Real?

This month Ben and Vic discuss 4 papers, in a bit of a variation to our usual format.  In the first paper, the authors compare VR and ‘live’ team-based simulation for interprofessional student groups, and suggest these modalities have the same outcome, as measured by performance on a team communication assessment. Next we discuss Natarajah and colleagues’ brilliant work […]

102 – Simulcast Journal Club Monthly Podcast April 2020