Victoria Brazil

Who is @sim_brick on Twitter?   Vic, Ben and Jess discuss the big issues on the May Simulcast Journal Club.   We started on a more serious note – and discussed articles on working with simulated patients to assess the quality of healthcare, and using Forum Theatre to help healthcare professions manage […]

154 Simulcast Journal Club Podcast May 2022

Deception was one theme in our Simulcast Journal Club for April. We started with a conceptual paper discussing ‘positive’ deception in simulation, and considering the relationship between deception and fidelity in our simulation design. We followed with an RCT on ‘speaking up’ in anaesthesia crises which sought to explore how […]

152 Simulcast Journal Club Monthly Podcast

Ben and Vic talk through 4 papers this month; Ethical considerations when conducting active short simulations in healthcare, computer modelling simulations for COVID public health policy, professional identity formation during a neonatology boot camp (with clarification that is not a training session for babies to do push ups), and the […]

151 Simulcast Journal Club Podcast March 2022

Simulation based education involves thinking, but also feeling. Emotions are pervasive and powerful, and they impact on performance and learning – in both healthcare simulation and of course in the real world.  In this episode we talk with Vicki LeBlanc and Glenn Posner about the research on emotions, cognitive processes and learning, and their narrative overview on this topic just published in Advances […]

148 Advances in Simulation: Emotions in Simulation-Based Education: Friends or ...

Simulation can provide an opportunity to experience life/ experiences other than our own, and this can include experience of ill health – diseases, conditions and treatments. Hot off the press from Advances in Simulation, Walking in the shoes of our patients is a scoping review in which the authors sought to understand the ways that simulation can allow healthcare professionals or students to experience ill health, […]

147 Advances in Simulation: Walking in their shoes

Ben, Vic and Jess offer a bumper holiday episode for your healthcare simulation listening enjoyment.  Transformative faculty development, suspension of disbelief in simulation, emotional activation for observers and participants, SPs or SPs – what’s in a name?, a taxonomy of non-technical skills, and lessons from the Fat Duck …….  Thanks to those who nominated articles for our discussion. Always welcome.  Happy […]

145 Simulcast Holiday Edition 2021

Atul Malhotra and Arunaz Kumar joined Vic to speak about their work delivering obstetric and neonatal simulation workshops in India, and their recent article in Advances in Simulation. We talked about ONE-Sim – Obstetric Neonatal Emergency Simulation – workshops conducted in LMIC, Australia, and online. Atul and Arunaz have reflected on the process and outcomes in the paper, and we talked about the interplay of generic principles in simulation delivery, with context adaptation.   Impressive work, and […]

143 Advances in Simulation: ONE-Sim in Southern India

Is rapid cycle deliberate practice a better way to train for paediatric cardiac arrest? How can simulation and ‘institutional ethnography’ be used to explore ‘latent social threats’ in healthcare? Ben and Vic discuss these papers in our November journal club, as well as an amazing technical report on VR modelling to improve surgeons preparation for complex neurosurgical procedures, and […]

141 Journal Club Podcast November 2021

Ben and Vic kicked off this episode talking about some upcoming healthcare simulation events – NYSIM Hot topics virtual symposium October 22nd (USA) , The ASPIH ‘Moving Upstream’ conference 8th – 10th November (UK), and the RCPSC 2021 Simulation Summit, November 4th and 5th (Canada)  We gave some shout outs to friends of Simulcast who’ve joined us in Twitter conversations and […]

138 Journal Club Podcast October 2021

There is a new journal on the block. The International Journal of Healthcare Simulation – Advances in Theory and Practice is led by Editor in Chief Debra Nestel AM and “provides a forum to share scholarly practice for advances in simulation across diverse applications in health and social care.” Peer viewed, and open access, IJOHS is jointly owned by […]

137 New Journal – International Journal of Healthcare Simulation

We recorded the September Journal Club during Healthcare Simulation Week – a chance to reflect on the amazing work of the healthcare simulation community.   Our first paper showcased the work of the STEPs (Simulation To Enhance Patient Safety) team at Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth. Rory Trawber et al. write about Improving Simulation Accessibility in a Hospital Setting […]

135 Journal Club Podcast September 2021

This special episode is s joint release from Simulcast and The Emergency Mind podcast, with Vic talking with co-hosts Dan Dworkis and Andrea Austin.  We start by discussing what Dan and Andrea mean by ‘Emergency Mind’ – “Leveraging the mental models and lessons from his own practice of emergency medicine—as well as from experts in the military, business, and athletic worlds—how […]

134 Simulcast Emergency Mind Crossover

In the August Journal Club episode Ben and Vic look at articles involving the clinical outcomes from simulation training, trauma team leadership and serious games. We applauded a study looking at the association of simulation training with rates of medical malpractice claims among obstetrician–gynaecologists. This segued nicely into discussion of return on Investment for QI/ educational interventions offer to us by Shah and […]

133 Journal Club Podcast August 2021

How should we design and deliver healthcare Simulation Fellowships?   In this episode of the podcast we discuss the thoughtful approach taken by Michael  Meguerdichian, Komal Bajaj and Katie Walker at NYHHC Sim, and their recent paper on the topic in Advances in Simulation – Fundamental underpinnings of simulation education: describing a four-component instructional design approach to healthcare simulation fellowships.  We […]

132 Advances in Simulation: FUSE for Fellowships

We know that simulation debriefing can be hard. Poor facilitation risks psychological safety breaches or simply ineffective conversations. Faculty development probably helps us improve, especially if its part of a community of practice. The Meta Debrief Club in NHS Lothian draws on these principles in their monthly ‘debrief the debrief’ sessions.  Ed Mellanby, Nathan Oliver and Chris Schnieke-Kind offer us the story of how the Meta Debrief […]

130 Meta Debrief Club

Practising communication, with good feedback, helps us get better at our jobs in healthcare. This is especially important for ‘high stakes communication’ (but really is there any other kind 😊). In this episode of Simulcast, Vic speaks with Laura Rock about her recent paper – Communication as a High-Stakes Clinical Skill: “Just-in-Time” Simulation and Vicarious Observational Learning […]

129 Just-in-time Sim for Communication, with Laura Rock

Ben and Vic are joined by Eve Purdy this month to discuss the UK national strategy for simulation, how to prepare for for systems-based simulation (the ‘pre-work phase’) , cultural consideration in simulation debriefing, and how simulations in ACLS training may perpetuate gender bias in emergency medicine.  We give a shout out to ASPiH, the UK based learned sociality for healthcare simulation, […]

128 Journal Club Monthly Podcast May 2021

Ben and Vic dive into video supported feedback of actual resuscitations in this months Simulcast Journal Club. We review 2 papers on the topic – Filming for auditing of real-life emergency teams: a systematic review – and a case study of a Canadian emergency department experience – Ethical, legal and administrative implications of the use of video and audio recording . In […]

126 Journal Club Monthly Podcast April 2021

Vic is joined by Susan Eller to review the highlights form the recent SESAM (Society for Simulation in Europe) conference. They pick our messages from the keynote speakers including Vicki LeBlanc, Patrea Andresen, Cristina Diaz-Navarro, and Doris Ostergaard. There are also some reflections on how to run a great virtual conference, and trends in using simulation for systems. Congrats to Marc Lazarovici , […]

125 Simulcast at SESAM Conference 2021

This month Ben and Vic discuss articles about engaging with children, parents and caregivers in healthcare simulation – as educators, as simulated patients and as learners in sim.  Ben shares his own experience in  partnering with consumers , and of others in developing “paediatric patient-focused and family-focused simulations”  Vic reviews a qualitative exploratory analysis […]

123 Journal Club Monthly Podcast March 2021

In our latest episode in the collaboration with Advances in Simulation, Vic speaks with Christina Condon and Suzanne Gough, two of the authors on a recent paper on VR simulation for clinical care of patients with respiratory conditions. We talk about research process, VR modalities, systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and future direction for research in the field of […]

122 Advances in Simulation: Virtual Reality in Clinical Care

This month Ben and Vic review a landmark paper on fidelity in simulation –   Hamstra S, Brydges R, Hatala R et al. Reconsidering Fidelity in Simulation-Based Training. Academic Medicine 2014;89:387-392.  – and attempt to summarise the excellent discussion this month. Reconsidering our terminology and renewing our focus on learning tasks were recurring themes.  Our next […]

Journal Club Monthly Podcast February 2021

Mentors can be powerful influences on our careers – in simulation and more broadly. In this episode Vic talks with Resa E Lewiss and Adaira Landry about mentors and mentoring – why and how. The pandemic has also highlighted We reflect on some thoughtful personal stories of mentoring from three friends of Simulcast – Gabe Reedy, Sonia Twigg and Kari White. […]

118 Mentoring for the Simulation Practitioner

How can social media activities support simulation journals to publish, disseminate and critique simulation-based research and commentary? What does a social media editor at a healthcare simulation journal do?   In this episode Vic speaks with Sandra Viggers (@StarSkaterDk) and Jessica Stokes-Parish (@j_stokesparish) about their roles as social media editors for Advances in Simulation and BMJ STEL. (Simulation and Technology […]

117 Social Media and Simulation Scholarly Work

This month we discussed Kerrey et al. Developing a Profile of Procedural Expertise: A Simulation Study of Tracheal Intubation Using 3-Dimensional Motion Capture.    Ben and Vic summarised the article and online discussion, and took a deep dive into procedural skills simulation.  We reviewed a paper by the PEARL group at Stanford on 3D printed simulator for closed reduction of distal radius fractures, […]

116 Journal Club Monthly Podcast October 2020

In this episode Vic is joined by Robbie Llyod and Alex Jolly to talk about Project Wingman – an insitu simulation program in the UK that involves airline pilots as co-debriefers and coaches.  Robbie is an emergency medicine senior trainee and fellow podcaster (check out Pondermed) who is undertaking a year as an Education Fellow at the Whittington hospital  . […]

115 Project Wingman – What can pilots really teach ...

This month we discussed “Leung, J.S., Brar, M., Eltorki, M. et al. Development of an in situ simulation-based continuing professional development curriculum in pediatric emergency medicine. Adv Simul 5, 12 (2020).  Ben and I recap on the paper and the online discussion, Including the expert contributions from James Leung, the first author  An we reviewed 3 extra papers – two looking at different ways healthcare […]

111 Journal Club Monthly August 2020

In this latest episode in our collaboration with Advances in Simulation, Vic speaks with Sandra Viggers (@StarSkaterDk) about her recent paper and the program she describes for involving medial student sin the simulation mission at her institution in Copenhagen.  We were joined by South African anaesthetist Rowan Duys (@HealthThink) and discuss the recruitment, roles and professional […]

108 Advances in Simulation: How to include medical students in ...

Vic spoke with (Dr) Jess Stokes-Parish and Steph Barwick about the ‘Women in Simulation’ Initiative within Simulation Australasia. Diversity is important in professional communities and Steph and Jess explained a bit about the background to this initiative, the work so far and how this can positively influence policy and support diversity […]

104 Women in Simulation

Can simulation be ‘too real’? Can this ‘hyper-reality’ actually have negative impacts on learning?  Vic takes a deep breath and dives into theory with the team from Queens University Belfast, including Jenny Johnston, Helen Reid and Gerry Gormley. We discuss their recent Medical Education article – Into the uncanny valley: simulation versus simulacrum?   Eve Purdy joined the chat to […]

103 Simulation or Simulacrum: Can Simulation Be Too Real?

This month Ben and Vic discuss 4 papers, in a bit of a variation to our usual format.  In the first paper, the authors compare VR and ‘live’ team-based simulation for interprofessional student groups, and suggest these modalities have the same outcome, as measured by performance on a team communication assessment. Next we discuss Natarajah and colleagues’ brilliant work […]

102 – Simulcast Journal Club Monthly Podcast April 2020

Looking for that next step in your healthcare simulation research journey?  In this episode, Vic reviews Healthcare Simulation Research – A Practical Guide with two of the editors –Debra Nestel and Aaron Calhoun.   This book covers a vast array of research topics, with 48 chapters written by experts in their fields, with practical advice for […]

95 – Book Review: Healthcare Simulation Research – A Practical ...

Ben and Vic discuss the paper of the month and consider the learning impact for active participants versus observers in sim. Vic stumbles her way through explaining a meta-analysis…  Delisle, M., Ward, M., Pradarelli, J., Panda, N., Howard, J. and Hannenberg, A. (2019). Comparing the Learning Effectiveness of Healthcare Simulation in the Observer Versus […]

94 – Simulcast Journal Club Monthly Wrap Podcast November/December 2019

In the latest instalment of our Advances in Simulation (@AdvinSimulation) series, Vic was joined by Nora Colman (@noracolman) and Sue Barnes to discuss how simulation can be used to plan and test new healthcare facilities and systems.  They each brought immense personal experience to their publications, and we discussed ways to smooth the paths for others with […]

91 – Advances in Simulation: Sim for clinical systems and ...

We share some highlights of the #SimCongress19 held on the Gold Coast, Australia. The episode includes thoughtful reflections from our own Ben Symon, an interview with Tash Yates (@DrTashY)  about simulation to shape resilience in medical students, and Ian Summers (@IanMeducator)  on the conference highlights.  Thinking about conferences in 2020? Some links to the events Vic […]

90 – Simulcast at ASC19 Montage

At our live ‘Simulcast presents..” session at the Australasian Simulation Congress, Vic interviewed Sarah Janssens (@SJanssensSimOG), an Obstetrician / Gynaecologist ad simulation leader from the Mater Hospital. They speak about Sarah’s research on shared leadership in maternity teams – including models of leadership, measures of team performance, and what it means for how […]

88 – Simulcast Presents at ASC19 – Leadership with Sarah ...

Looking for great online simulation education resources for yourself or for your team’s faculty development?   In this episode Vic speaks with Christina Choung (@ckchoung) and Karen Schafer (@KarenShafer) from Vancouver Coastal Health about their new resources at  (you can also get there via )  We talked about the content of these modules, the challenges of faculty development, and some lessons learned […]

83 – FOAMsim and Online Learning with VCHlearn

The Australasian Simulation Congress is on 2nd–5th September at the Gold Coast. Check out the website- Vic spoke to Sharon Clipperton (@sjclipperton), the Congress convenor about the keynote speakers, abstracts and other highlights of the event. We also spoke with Komal Bajaj (@KomalBajajMD) about her talk–change, sustainability and ‘new power’ […]

82 – Australasian Sim Congress 2019 Preview

Welcome to the Simulcast Journal Club Podcast and monthly wrap post. Please read our pdf summary of the Journal Club article, the month’s discussion and our expert commentary here. Ben and Vic discuss the paper of the month,   Bochatay, N., Bajwa, N., Blondon, K., Junod Perron, N., Cullati, S. and Nendaz, M. (2019). Exploring group boundaries and conflicts: a social identity […]

80 – Simulcast Journal Club Podcast Monthly Wrap July 2019

Welcome to the Simulcast Journal Club Podcast and monthly wrap post. Please read our pdf summary of the Journal Club article, the month’s discussion and our expert commentary here. Ben and Vic discuss the papers of the month, including expert commentary from Kristian Krogh. Eve Purdy, Charlotte Alexander, Melissah Caughley, Shane Bassett, Victoria Brazil. Identifying […]

79 – Simulcast Journal Club Podcast Monthly Wrap June 2019

Welcome to the Simulcast Journal Club Podcast and monthly wrap post. Please read our pdf summary of the Journal Club article, the month’s discussion and our expert commentary here. Ben and Vic discuss the paper of the month, including expert commentary from Stuart Rose.  Hollingsworth, C., Wesley, C., Huckridge, J., Finn, G. and Griksaitis, M. (2017). Impact of […]

77 – Simulcast Journal Club Podcast Monthly Wrap April 2019

Another debriefing course! Who benefits?  Kristian Krogh, Albert Chan, and Nancy McNaughton    Many health professional educators attend courses on simulation debriefing, but do they actually perform better as simulation debriefers as a result?   Writing in Advances in Simulation, Kristian Krogh (@DrKrogh), Albert Chan (@gaseousXchange) and Nancy McNaughton (@uto_nancy) provoke us to consider this issue in their commentary – Another debriefing course! […]

75 – Advances in Simulation: Another Debriefing Course! Who Benefits?

Our final podcast from IMSH starts with a deep dive in to how simulation might help us ‘train’ more comprehensive leadership skills and behaviours – not just in the resus room, but rather in quality improvement and change management. @davidgrantsim , President of @SESAMSimulation , spoke to Vic on the topic.   Ben then turned our attention to followership […]

73 – Ben & Vic at IMSH with David Grant, ...

Welcome to the Simulcast Journal Club Podcast and monthly wrap post. Please read our pdf summary of the Journal Club article, the month’s discussion and our expert commentary here. Ben and Vic discuss the paper of the month, including expert commentary from Ann Mullen (@keepsimsafe)  Schroeder J, O’Neal C, Jagneaux T. “Practically Saline”. J Investig Med High Impact Case Rep. 2015;3(4):2324709615618980 […]

72 – Simulcast Journal Club Podcast Monthly Wrap February 2019

Our third podcast from IMSH starts with a focus on disruptive innovation, big data and artificial intelligence, based on the opening plenary by Joel Selanikio (@jselanikio) who also gave a TeD talk on the topic. Vic had a fan girl moment speaking to Ron Harden, living legend of medical education and General secretary of AMEE, abut his reactions […]

71 – Ben & Vic at IMSH with Ron Harden, ...

Our second podcast from #IMSH2019 features a deep dive on Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice with Bram Welch-Horan (@DrBramPedsER ), and some reflections on the topic from Belinda Lowe (@Belinda_J_Lowe ), Bond University Simulation Fellow.  We then shifted focus to research and publishing in simulation with Michelle Kelly (@KellyKelmich )   summarising the session on […]

70 – Ben & Vic at IMSH with Bram Welch-Horan, ...

In this special edition of Simulcast, we feature three articles on simulation applied to point of care ultrasound (POCUS).  Vic visited the team at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Ultrasound Division (@jeff_sono) in Philadelphia, led by Dr Resa E. Lewiss (@ultrasoundREL)    Resa chose 3 articles for us to review, each focused on different aspects of using simulation for POCUS education. These have obvious […]

69 – Journal Club Special Edition Sim & Sonography with ...

The International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) will be in San Antonio, TX, USA in January 26-30th, 2019.   Simulcast has partnered with the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) to cover the event for our listeners, and Ben and Vic will be bringing you the highlights of plenary talks, research updates and the […]

65 – Simulcast Goes To IMSH

Welcome to the Simulcast Journal Club Podcast and monthly wrap post. Please read our pdf summary of the Journal Club article, the month’s discussion and our expert commentary here. Ben and Vic discuss the paper of the month, including expert commentary from Dr Marc Berg.  Resuscitation Education Science: Educational Strategies to Improve Outcomes From Cardiac […]

64 – Simulcast Journal Club Podcast Monthly Wrap October 2018

In situ simulation is increasingly popular for all the right reasons – highly realistic training with opportunities for team and systems testing. We’ve recognized there are risks, especially disruption of service and physical safety. But what about those patient and families ‘exposed’ to ISS? What do they think about it? What are their risks? And what […]

62 – Healthcare Consumers and In Situ Simulation

Welcome to the Simulcast Journal Club Podcast and monthly wrap post. Please read our pdf summary of the Journal Club article, the month’s discussion and our expert commentary here. Ben and Vic discuss the paper of the month, including expert commentary from Dr Gabriel Reedy (@gabereedy).  Cheng, A., Palaganas, J., Eppich, W., Rudolph, J., Robinson, T. and […]

61 – Simulcast Journal Club Podcast Monthly Wrap September 2018

  SimOps is a healthcare simulation training and education event for operations and technical professionals. The conference attracts 200+ professionals to participate in workshops, hand-on sessions, leadership discussions and networking events.  In this ‘pause and discuss’ I am joined by David Biffar, Assistant Director, Operations, from the Arizona Simulation Technology […]

54 – SSIH Sim Ops Pause & Discuss

Welcome to the Simulcast Journal Club Podcast and monthly wrap post. Please read our pdf summary of the November Journal Club article, the month’s discussion and our expert commentary here.   Ben and Vic discuss the paper of the month.  Hicks, C. and Petrosoniak, A.   “The Human Factor : Optimising Trauma Team Performance in Dynamic Clinical Environments ”  Emergency Medicine […]

Simulcast Journal Club Podcast 11 February Wrap

Our next joint podcast with Advances in Simulation focused on the SESAM Conference.  SESAM is the Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine, and hosts an annual conference.  This podcast was inspired by a blog post by Gabe Reedy highlighting the ‘best of’ work presented at SESAM 2017 in […]

Advances in Simulation: SESAM

In the next of our series with Advances in Simulation, we consider Dieckmann et al.  Variation and adaptation: learning from success in patient safety-oriented simulation training  In their own words “we describe the learning from success (LFS) approach to simulation and debriefing. Drawing on several theoretical frameworks, we suggest supplementing […]

Advances in Simulation: Learning From Success

A highlight of my recent trip to Canada was meeting many simulation experts and enthusiasts.   Adam Cheng (@DocChenger) suggested we record a podcast on faculty development in simulation programs, as we also had Dawn Taylor Petersen from the University of Alabama and Ryan Brydges (@rbrydges) from the Wilson Centre at University of Toronto visiting.  We’re very pleased to release this podcast jointly […]

Debrief 2 Learn X-over: Faculty Development

Many healthcare simulation programs are aimed at improving patient safety, and yet these programs also carry their own safety risks – to participants, and to the institutions and patients whose safety we are trying to improve.  Ann Mullen joined us in this episode of Simulcast to discuss the Foundation for Simulation Safety – an initiative that she and Dan Raemer from Center for Medical […]

Pause & Discuss – The Harms Involved in Improving Patient ...

Welcome to the Simulcast Journal Club Podcast and September monthly wrap post. Please read our pdf summary of the July Journal Club article, the month’s discussion and our expert commentary here. In our September journal club podcast Ben and Vic discuss the paper of the month   Chung HS, Dieckmann P, Issenberg SB. It is time to consider cultural differences […]

Simulcast Journal Club Podcast 8 & September Wrap

In the third of our series with Advances in Simulation, we discuss Tracing the prescription journey: a qualitative evaluation of an interprofessional simulation-based learning activity.  Cooke et al. evaluated an interprofesional simulation activity involving medical and pharmacy students, using a qualitative analysis. The simulation involved followed a patient journey from presentation in a community setting, through an assessment and prescribing process, to the dispensing […]

Advances in Simulation: Tracing the Prescription Journey

Day 3 at the Australasian Simulation Congress in Sydney Victoria Brazil and Ben Symon hosted a wrap of Day 3 at the ASC.  Our coverage starts with a session on “Hands off teaching” with Rod Peadon and David Gillespie from Coffs Harbour.  We then covered the final health plenary on The future of healthcare simulation, involving some leading figures from the simulation community. Leonie […]

Official Broadcast: Australasian Simulation Congress – Day 3 Wrap

In the second of our series with Advances in Simulation, we consider Ryan Brydges 2016 editorial – From simulation research to education policy: how much evidence is enough?   In this article he considers the question – What level of evidence is required for translation of healthcare simulation research to policy? or institutional practice ?  Ryan uses the specific example […]

Advances in Simulation: From Research to Policy, How Much Evidence ...

Michelle Kelly (@KellyKelmich) was our guest on Simulcast for the inaugural Book Review, discussing Healthcare Simulation Education: Evidence Theory and Practice – a recently published textbook for the simulation practitioner.   Editors Debral Nestel, Michelle Kelly, Brian Jolly and Marcus Watson have drawn together a diverse range of authors to produce […]

Simulcast Book Review – ‘Healthcare Simulation Education: Evidence Theory and ...