115 Project Wingman – What can pilots really teach us?

In this episode Vic is joined by Robbie Llyod and Alex Jolly to talk about Project Wingman – an insitu simulation program in the UK that involves airline pilots as co-debriefers and coaches. 

Robbie is an emergency medicine senior trainee and fellow podcaster (check out Pondermed) who is undertaking a year as an Education Fellow at the Whittington hospital  . Captain Alex Jolly is an airline pilot who is UK based. The program has brought marvellous insights to the clinicians in terms of teamwork behaviours and shaping culture. It emerged from the @_ProjectWingman initiative which involves airline crew coming together to support the well-being of frontline NHS staff during the COVID-19 outbreak. They suggest healthcare simulation educators need to ‘just do it’, learn as we go, and celebrate the fresh perspectives from outside our own world. 

Happy listening