111 Journal Club Monthly August 2020

This month we discussed “Leung, J.S., Brar, M., Eltorki, M. et al. Development of an in situ simulation-based continuing professional development curriculum in pediatric emergency medicine. Adv Simul 5, 12 (2020). 

Ben and I recap on the paper and the online discussion, Including the expert contributions from James Leung, the first author 

An we reviewed 3 extra papers – two looking at different ways healthcare simulation has been adapted to deal with the pandemic. 

Dubé, M., Kaba, A., Cronin, T. et al. COVID-19 pandemic preparation: using simulation for systems-based learning to prepare the largest healthcare workforce and system in Canada. Adv Simul 5, 22 (2020). 

Cheng, A., Kolbe, M., Grant, V. et al. A practical guide to virtual debriefings: communities of inquiry perspective. Adv Simul 5, 18 (2020). 

And one looking at how bomb defusal can help interprofessional learning ! 

Tidbury L, Jarvis K, Bridge P. Initial evaluation of a virtual reality bomb-defusing simulator for development of undergraduate healthcare student communication and teamwork skills BMJ Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning 2020;6:229-231. 

And finally – Ben gave us an invitation for the September Journal Club. 

Calhoun, Aaron W. Pian-Smith, May. Shah, Anjan et. al. Guidelines for the Responsible Use of Deception in Simulation, Simulation in Healthcare: The Journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare: August 2020 – Volume 15 – Issue 4 – p 282-288 

Please come along and join the conversation … 

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  • James Leung

    Thanks Ben and Victoria! It certainly was an honour and privilege to have our work reviewed and critiqued by the community! Appreciate all the work that you do for everyone! I learned a lot this month =) !

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