74 – Simulcast Journal Club Podcast Monthly Wrap March 2019

Welcome to the Simulcast Journal Club Podcast and monthly wrap post.

Please read our pdf summary of the Journal Club article, the month’s discussion and our expert commentary here.


Ben and Vic discuss the paper of the month, including expert commentary from Jack Matulich.  

Fraser, K., Meguerdichian, M., Haws, J., Grant, V., Bajaj, K., & Cheng, A. (2019). Cognitive Load Theory for debriefing simulations: implications for faculty development. 


And we talked about a few other sim papers across a range of topics and research methods 

Turton, D. , Buchan, K. , HallJackson, M. and Pelletier, C. (2019), Simulation: the power of what hurts. Med Educ, 53: 326-328.  

Chancey RJ1, Sampayo EM, Lemke DS, Doughty CB. Learners’ Experiences During Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice Simulations: A Qualitative Analysis. Simul Healthc. 2019 Feb;14(1):18-28 

Chen HE1, Yovanoff MA, Pepley DF, Sonntag CC, Mirkin KA, Han DC, Moore JZ, Miller SR. Can Haptic Simulators Distinguish Expert Performance? A Case Study in Central Venous Catheterization in Surgical Education. Simul Healthc. 2019 Feb;14(1):35-42.  


And Ben introduced the April paper 

Hollingsworth, C., Wesley, C., Huckridge, J., Finn, G. and Griksaitis, M. (2017). Impact of child death on paediatric trainees. Archives of Disease in Childhood, 103(1), pp.14-18. 


So we’ll be back at the end of April with our wrap – join the discussion at simulationpodcast.com