91 – Advances in Simulation: Sim for clinical systems and facilities testing

In the latest instalment of our Advances in Simulation (@AdvinSimulation) series, Vic was joined by Nora Colman (@noracolman) and Sue Barnes to discuss how simulation can be used to plan and test new healthcare facilities and systems. 

They each brought immense personal experience to their publications, and we discussed ways to smooth the paths for others with similar challenges. We talked about key steps in stakeholder collaboration, needs assessment, scenario planning and delivery, debriefing, and reporting  

The papers:- 

Nora Colman, Cara Doughty, Jennifer Arnold, Kimberly Stone, Jennifer Reid, Ashley Dalpiaz & Kiran B. Hebbar. Simulation-based clinical systems testing for healthcare spaces: from intake through implementationAdvances in Simulation volume 4, Article number: 19 (2019) 

Alyshah Kaba & Sue Barnes. Commissioning simulations to test new healthcare facilities: a proactive and innovative approach to healthcare system safetyAdvances in Simulation volume 4, Article number: 17 (2019) 

One thought on “91 – Advances in Simulation: Sim for clinical systems and facilities testing

  • Clare Thomas

    Loved this podcast. echos work that I have been recently having a lot of fun doing. Agree that the future will include sim based systems testing and our health care organisations will need to adequately resource this intensive activity that provides tangible and practical solutions for health care efficiency and patient safety.

    Thank you!!

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