98 – Lessons Learned in Sim and Education: A Montage of Friends of Simulcast

In this episode, we’ve asked five of our simulation colleagues to tell us what they’re doing, what they’ve found and any advice they might have for others as they work with their clinical colleagues on this challenge.

In this episode you’ll hear from: 

Albert Chan (@gaseousXchange) from Hong Kong , with a great airway management infographic  

Andrew Petrosoniak (@petrosoniak) from Toronto, Canada 

Tim Willett (@SIMtim_one), also from Canada www.SIM-ONE.ca 

James Leung (@drjscleung), from Mc Master, Ontario Canada 

Christine Park (@cpark_stories) from Chicago 

Please be in touch if you’d like to tell your COVID simulation stories. http://simulationpodcast.com/covid-19-simulation/