99 – Advances in Simulation: Bringing Sim to the Masses

In this next instalment in our collaboration with Advances in Simulation, Ben speaks with Dr Barbara Walsh and discussant Dr Ben Lawton (@paedsem) regarding how to bring simulation to the masses. 

Community-based in situ simulation: bringing simulation to the masses 

Authors: Barbara M. Walsh, Marc A. Auerbach, Marcie N. Gawel, Linda L. Brown, Bobbi J. Byrne and Aaron Calhoun 

Despite advances in simulation technology and widespread understanding of the process, is healthcare simulation being delivered in the places that need it most? 

Writing in Advances in Simulation, Dr Barbara Walsh and colleagues explore technological innovations and organization strategies to bring simulation outside academic or large hospital settings to other locations in need of healthcare simulation. 

About Ben Symon

Ben is a Paediatric Emergency Physician at The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane and a Simulation Educator at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital. He currently teaches on a variety of paediatric simulation based courses on paediatric resuscitation, trauma and CRM principles. Ben has a growing interest in encouraging clinical educators to be more familiar with simulation research.

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