113 Journal Club Monthly Podcast September 2020

This month we discussed Calhoun, Aaron W. Pian-Smith, May. Shah, Anjan et. al. Guidelines for the Responsible Use of Deception in Simulation, Simulation in Healthcare: The Journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare: August 2020 – Volume 15 – Issue 4 – p 282-288 

We were also joined by Ian Summers, Director of Monash Simulation, who contributed as our expert commentator this month – read his awesome work here.

Ben and Vic summarised the article and online discussion, and our trio then went deep on the definition of deception, and the concept of ‘fair’ in simulation design, drawing on the article and personal experience. 

And we reviewed 2 extra papers  

Lin Y, Hecker K, Cheng A, et al. Cost-effectiveness analysis of workplace-based distributed cardiopulmonary resuscitation training versus conventional annual basic life support training BMJ Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning Published Online First: 29 September 2020 

Caners, K., Baylis, J., Heyd, C., & Chan, T. (2020). Sharing is caring: How EM Sim Cases (EMSimCases.com) has created a collaborative simulation education culture in Canada. CJEM, 1-3. 

And finally – Ben gave us an invitation for the September Journal Club. 

Kerrey, Benjamin, MD, MS, Boyd, Stephanie, et al. Developing a Profile of Procedural Expertise: A Simulation Study of Tracheal Intubation Using 3-Dimensional Motion Capture. Simul. healthc..2020;15(4):251-258.  

Please come along and join the conversation … 

One thought on “113 Journal Club Monthly Podcast September 2020

  • John Dean

    A really interesting discussion from an interesting paper. I’m wondering if there are parallels with our clinical practice and the world that we are preparing students for; namely the use of deception in clinical practice…rangeing from the inadvertent omission of information in an informed consent situation through to the deliberate and ubiquitous ‘just a small scratch’ or ‘this won’t hurt’. We have lots of anecdotal examples of the hidden curriculum elements that our students take with them to their clinical practice

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