80 – Simulcast Journal Club Podcast Monthly Wrap July 2019

Welcome to the Simulcast Journal Club Podcast and monthly wrap post.

Please read our pdf summary of the Journal Club article, the month’s discussion and our expert commentary here.

Ben and Vic discuss the paper of the month,  

Bochatay, N., Bajwa, N., Blondon, K., Junod Perron, N., Cullati, S. and Nendaz, M. (2019). Exploring group boundaries and conflicts: a social identity theory perspective. Medical Education. 

We also discussed 3 other papers covering a theme of ‘non-technical skills’. 

And Ben introduced the paper for August 

Stokes-Parish, J., Duvivier, R. and Jolly, B. (2019). Expert opinions on the authenticity of moulage in simulation: a Delphi study. Advances in Simulation, 4(1). 

So we’ll be back at the beginning of September with our wrap – recorded live at the Australasian Simulation Congress . 

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