155 Advances in Simulation: Data Informed Debriefing with Andrew Coggins

Most of us would like to improve our simulation debriefing skills, but data informed feedback on our debriefing performance is hard to find. Maybe Andrew Coggins and colleagues are helping us change all that? Maybe there are metrics and measures of our debriefing performance that can help? 

In this conversation, Vic speaks with Andrew Coggins about his recent Advances article Immediate faculty feedback using debriefing timing data and conversational diagrams. In this work, the team “explored the use of recording length of contributions during debriefings and use of conversational diagrams as a means of assessment of debriefing performance”. 

They build on work from Peter Dieckmann in 2009 who described “The art and science of debriefing in simulation: Ideal and practice” relationships in diagram form between participants, as well as a simple chess clock for the timing data. 

This is an interesting chat that might just change your debriefing practice. 

Happy listening