95 – Book Review: Healthcare Simulation Research – A Practical Guide

Looking for that next step in your healthcare simulation research journey? 

In this episode, Vic reviews Healthcare Simulation Research – A Practical Guide with two of the editors –Debra Nestel and Aaron Calhoun.  

This book covers a vast array of research topics, with 48 chapters written by experts in their fields, with practical advice for researchers at all levels. Aaron and Debra describe what’s in the book and how to read it. They offer their own reflections on the writing and what they learnt in the process, as well as some thoughts about where the field is heading in the future. 

There are tips for beginners and experts, as well as Debra introducing us to ‘theoretical connoisseurship’ 😊 

Healthcare Simulation Research – A Practical Guide by Debra Nestel, Joshua Hui, Kevin Kunkler, Mark W. Scerbo and Aaron W. Calhoun (eds) 

One thought on “95 – Book Review: Healthcare Simulation Research – A Practical Guide

  • Raúl Uribe

    Hello Victoria. I am studying a PhD in science, technology and society at Cinvestav, Mexico. I would like to read your book but right now I don’t have the money to pay for it. Could you support me to get it for free? I’m researching about simulation in Healthcare. Thank you.
    Today for me, tomorrow for you.
    Raúl Uribe

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