102 – Simulcast Journal Club Monthly Podcast April 2020

This month Ben and Vic discuss 4 papers, in a bit of a variation to our usual format. 

In the first paper, the authors compare VR and ‘live’ team-based simulation for interprofessional student groups, and suggest these modalities have the same outcome, as measured by performance on a team communication assessment. Next we discuss Natarajah and colleagues’ brilliant work in Myanmar, using a low cost simulator for training to use air enemas in paediatric intussusception, with measurably improved patient outcomes. 

In our third paper, Brown and colleagues offers a new approach to debriefing large groups, such as might be needed in large scale trauma simulations – offer us ‘simultaneous successive debriefing’. 

And finally – we discuss Laura Rock’s BMJ Opinion piece – Don’t answer feelings with facts.  Guidance for our conversations in the clinical and simulation contexts, and well beyond. 

Join the conversation for next month, when we pick up the March JC paper and review. Leave your comments and thoughts here. 

All the best