110 Simulation Self-Sabotage: Ben’s Talk at APLS PAC 2019

This episode is a recording of Ben Symon’s APLS PAC 2019 (Advanced Paediatric Life Support Paediatric Acute Care Conference) in Perth on ‘Simulation Self Sabotage’.   Through exploring 4 journal articles, Ben shares reflections on the negative impacts we can have as sim educators on our intended learning outcomes and the ways in which we unintentionally shoot our educational goals in the foot. 

Many thanks to APLS, who were kind enough to give their recording to Simulcast to share with our listeners. 

References :  

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About Ben Symon

Ben is a Paediatric Emergency Physician at The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane and a Simulation Educator at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital. He currently teaches on a variety of paediatric simulation based courses on paediatric resuscitation, trauma and CRM principles. Ben has a growing interest in encouraging clinical educators to be more familiar with simulation research.

2 thoughts on “110 Simulation Self-Sabotage: Ben’s Talk at APLS PAC 2019

  • Charlotte Alexander

    Really enjoyed this talk Ben – I love the fact you emphazise that there is no one size fits all approach but we have to be aware of the messages we send if we want to be able to shape them.

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