68 – Ben & Vic at IMSH with KT Waxman, Komal Bajaj & James Leung

Ben and Vic at IMSH – podcast one 


The International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) is the biggest sim conference in the world. This year it was held in San Antonio, Texas, USA and Simulcast was a podcast partner for the meeting. Over the next few weeks, we’ll release five podcasts of conference highlights. 

Ben and Vic interview speakers, attendees, organisers, researchers, tech gurus and educators, and bring you some of our perspectives on what are useful lessons for our simulation practice. 

I this first instalment, we hear from the incoming president of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), KT Waxman (@KTWaxman). Ben interviewed an enthusiastic Komal Bajaj (@KomalBajajMD) about the Women in Leadership pre-conference activity, and James Leung (@drjscleung)  from the Impacts group on paediatric simulation research. 

We heard more from our friend Stuart Rose (@INFOdebriefing) on clinical debriefing, and reflected on the opening plenary.  

stuart Rose and Ben