144 Advances in Simulation: Plus-Delta Debriefing

Ben talks about ‘Plus Delta’ debriefing with lead authors of 2 recent papers on the topic both published in Advances in Simulation. Adam Cheng starts the conversation talking about Embracing informed learner self-assessment during debriefing: the art of plus-delta, and giving us plenty of reasons to ensure this technique is on our repertoire as simulation educators. Ben goes on to talk with Raj Kainth about his team’s experience of training faculty for clinical debriefing in the Nghtingale facility during the pandemic – Dynamic Plus-Delta: an agile debriefing approach centred around variable participant, faculty and contextual factors 

The conversation emphasises the importance of agility and adaptability in our learning conversations, and underscore the need for ongoing scholarly conversation on the topic. 

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About Ben Symon

Ben is a Paediatric Emergency Physician at The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane and a Simulation Educator at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital. He currently teaches on a variety of paediatric simulation based courses on paediatric resuscitation, trauma and CRM principles. Ben has a growing interest in encouraging clinical educators to be more familiar with simulation research.