146 Simulcast Journal Club New Year’s Edition 2022 Vic & Jesse

Jesse was unable to join the rest of the Simulcast Team Christmas Edition so this is the consolation prize ep!! In this podcast Vic and Jesse discuss 2 publications from 2021.

Paper 1. recommended by Tim Mason

“Advancing Team Cohesion: Using an Escape Room as a novel approach”

Cohen and colleagues

Journal of Patient Safety and Risk Management 2021

Core premise – exploring the utility of an escape room in improving perception of cohesion within health care teams. Link to patient safety is some association between improved safety and quality of care outcomes in higher team cohesion settings.

Paper 2. Recommended by Sarah Janssens

“Cardiac Arrest Nurse Leadership (CANLEAD) trial: a simulation-based randomised controlled trial implementation of a new cardiac arrest role to facilitate cognitive offload for medical team leaders”

Pallas and colleagues

Emergency Medicine Journal 2021

Core Premise – This simulation-based study explored whether the introduction of a dedicated ’nursing team leader’ is an effective way of cognitively offloading medical team leaders of cardiac arrest teams. It was hypothesised that reduced cognitive load may allow medical team leaders to focus on high-level tasks resulting in improved team performance.