59 -Simulcast Journal Club Podcast Monthly Wrap August 2018

Welcome to the Simulcast Journal Club Podcast and monthly wrap post.

Please read our pdf summary of the Journal Club article, the month’s discussion and our expert commentary here.


This month’s journal club podcast was a special live recording from on stage at Don’t Forget the Bubbles conference in Melbourne. Ben, Victoria and Jesse were handed a whole concurrent session to deliver a Simulcast Presents Play School session. One of these sessions saw Jesse join Vic and Ben for the August Journal Club Live – excuse the few ums and ahs, crowd coughs and babies babbling (yep DFTB lead the way in being a parent and baby friendly conference. We broke through the high cognitive load to hopefully deliver the normal JC gold.

We discussed Intellectual Streaking in depth. Listen in for Ben’s most risqué JC commentary yet.

Intellectual streaking: The value of teachers exposing minds (and hearts)

Bearman, M. and Molloy, E. (2017).

Medical Teacher, 39(12), pp.1284-1285.

Victoria then brought us the Sim Cup article to discuss.

A novel simulation competition format as an effective instructional tool in post-graduate medical education by Ingrassia et al. Advances in Simulation 2018.


We then previewed the September Journal club, another classic debriefing paper so make sure to tune in.



One thought on “59 -Simulcast Journal Club Podcast Monthly Wrap August 2018

  • Suneth Jayasekara

    Just wanted to comment on the discussion around the “competition format” sim. In our institution we have been running a “CPR sim wars” session, which we run every 6 months. Its been run 3 times now in total. Its a multi-disciplinary affair involving doctors, nurses, wardies (orderlies), and the occasional pharmacist! We try to combine gamification with a bit of rapid cycle deliberate practice. Basically everyone is split into multi-disciplinary teams of about 5-6 in each and compete in 2 rounds. The judges use an objective score sheet marking them on 5 categories (leadership, CRM, CPR score – % from the mannikin, compliance with algorithm, and style) Between the two rounds they get feedback via provision of their score sheet and comments, so they can reflect and improve their performance. We also have some occasions given some quick feedback between to 2 rounds if any high yield areas for improvement were noticed. At the end – the highest single score gets the trophy!

    Overall it has been well received by the learners. I think the threats to psychological safety are reduced because everyone participates and is on display, and the “game” nature of it takes away some of the performance anxiety.

    In terms of evidence for learning – there is some evidence of short term improvement because its noticeable that almost every team improved their performance in round 2 vs round 1. I don’t have any hard evidence for long term results of higher “Kirkpatrick” level improvements – but we have noticed that CPR performance has been much better in the other sims that we run that involve CPR.

    Thanks for reading! I thought I would share this, because I think there is certainly value to this type of session particularly for large groups ( we have around 25-30 learners each session).

    Next idea in the pipeline – “RSI sim wars”…

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