67 – Simulcast Journal Club Podcast Monthly Wrap November/December 2018

Welcome to the Simulcast Journal Club Podcast and monthly wrap post.

Please read our pdf summary of the Journal Club article, the month’s discussion and our expert commentary here.

Ben and Vic discuss the paper of the month, including expert commentary from our own Jesse Spurr! Is this really the holy grail of ‘proof’ for insitu sim?  

Josey, K., Smith, M., Kayani, A., Young, G., Kasperski, M., Farrer, P., Gerkin, R., Theodorou, A. and Raschke, R. (2018). Hospitals with more-active participation in conducting standardized in-situ mock codes have improved survival after in-hospital cardiopulmonary arrest. Resuscitation, 133, pp.47-52. 


We also discussed 3 other papers, with a theme of scenario/ simulation design. 

The first two were focused on complexity science. 

On this topic, Jesse reminded us of this great post from Chris Hicks (@HumanFactOrzhttps://emcrit.org/emcrit/complexity-of-simple/ 


And finally – local work from the team at Mater hospital, including @ErinlW_ and @SJanssensSimOG  in Brisbane that adds to our understanding of realism, especially in procedural simulation. 


Thanks again to our listeners and contributors for a great year in 2018 


Vic, Ben and Jesse