Ben at APLS Paediatric Acute Care Conference 2018

The Presentation

Ben gave this great talk at Paediatric Acute Care Conference in Hobart, Tasmania at the end of 2018. Ben explores the career changing power of reading. Ben also presents the 5 articles that have had the greatest influence on his medical education career, but also discusses the spillover into other areas of work and life. A must watch.

What’s new in education? – Ben Symon | PAC 2018 from APLS Australia on Vimeo.

The Articles

  1. There’s no such thing as “nonjudgmental” debriefing: a theory and method for debriefing with good judgment. Rudolph JW, Simon R, Dufresne RL, Raemer DB.
  2. Establishing a Safe Container for Learning in Simulation: The Role of the Presimulation Briefing Rudolph, Jenny W. PhD; Raemer, Daniel B. PhD; Simon, Robert EdD
  3. Promoting Excellence and Reflective Learning in Simulation (PEARLS): development and rationale for a blended approach to health care simulation debriefing. Eppich W, Cheng A.
  4. Learner-Centered Debriefing for Health Care Simulation Education: Lessons for Faculty Development Cheng, Adam; Morse, Kate J.; Rudolph, Jenny; Arab, Abeer A. ; Runnacles, Jane; Eppich, Walter
  5. Pediatric resident resuscitation skills improve after “rapid cycle deliberate practice” training. Hunt EA, Duval-Arnould JM, Nelson-McMillan KL, Bradshaw JH, Diener-West M, Perretta JS, Shilkofski NA.