COVID-19 Simulation

Like many within the healthcare sim community, the Simulcast team are all current practicing clinicians, working in an environment of uncertainty, cancelled educations sessions and looming threat of a system under strain or collapse. This is balanced with the need to drill procedures, prepare teams, accelerate competency of new staff and test systems in a very short window of time before peak COVID-19 cases hit us in the southern hemisphere and in the midst of juggling a terrible influenza season with COVID-19 in the north. We have to be smart, not waste time starting from scratch when we have a close-knit community of clinician educators and simulationists already connected. We want to create a rapid repository for COVID-19 simulation scenarios, drills, action plans and resources. This is not to supplant amazing established resources such as, but instead to provide a dynamic, wiki-like space for us to share experiences and work.

Bank of scenarios that will be categorised by clinical area and objective focus. These are all free to share, adapt and modify. Please just acknowledge the original author of the scenario when sharing.

A discussion forum space to allow us to expand on conversations from Twitter, WhatsApp etc and refine the translational aspects (targets of sim) and the practical resources (what are we doing with PPE use, equipment etc). This will be moderated on the fly and consolidated at the end of each week by the members of the Simulcast team.

Links to existing great educational resources and scenarios as they are found by us or recommended by friends. This will be an eclectic mix from infographics, to open-access publications, to videos and podcasts.

The success of this really lies in the participation of all of us. Here is a spot here for us to upload scenarios or resources. These will reviewed by the team and published as quickly as possible to the appropriate section.