11 – APMSH Day 2 2016 with Lance Baily of SimGHOSTS

Day 2 of the Asia Pacific Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (APMSH) with Lance Baily


On Day 2 of APMSH I attended a fascinating workshop with Lance Baily of SimGhosts and Healthy Simulation fame. Lance works in Las Vegas and has established a global reputation in the technical aspects of conducting simulation, for maximal learning effect.

Some of these skills are drawn from his previous life working in Hollywood, and our workshop was based on some of those

  • Getting the right camera angle
  • Using tripods
  • Thinking about sound

Lance explains more in his brief chat with me after the workshop.

The short workshop was eye opening and I suggest you go to Healthy Simulation and SimGhosts (subscription required) to see the resources on offer. There are details of workshops there if you are interested.