Simulcast Journal Club – The Second Year eBook


What is it?

This is our second ebook, a collection of the second 12 months of the Simulcast Journal Club, an online, open access journal club featuring healthcare simulation literature.  Each month includes the expert commentaries from a number of world renowned simulation experts.

Why do we do it?

The biggest single driver of all Simulcast activities is connection. As Ben shares in the introduction, the answer to many challenging questions that we have as simulation educators working in relative isolation is ‘there is actually a really good paper on that’. Debriefing difficulties – there’s a good paper. How should we structure faculty development – there’s a good paper. The Journal Club has been an amazing focal point around which we have seen people join and lead amazing conversations and literally translate ‘evidence’ to practice. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and made this a first year that has exceeded any of our wildest expectations.

How do I get it?

Simulcast Journal Club: The Second Year is available in pdf here.

You can also go back and check out the First Year here.


Where to next?

We hope the Simulcast Journal Club Podcast will go from strength to strength. This has become among our consistently most downloaded features. 2018 has seen us record the first JC live podcast episode on stage at DFTB18 and it was a blast. We have begun to see the Journal Club being taken up by fellowship programs and run as a face-to-face in their institutions. There is a great synergy here and we would love to see this with a connection back to the monthly online comments.

The next 12 months will see the cases move on from the office romance novella, to a darker place. We will also see the continued awesomeness from Ben publishing an infographic to accompany the monthly JC.

What can YOU do?

Join the conversation! Through the power of page analytics, we know a lot of you are still watching and listening (we’re sure it can’t all be our family members). We are conscious of the barriers to dipping a toe into the water and making that first discussion comment. But please, just do it! You will find an instant connection, with conversation spanning all continents but Antarctica (seriously, come on Antarctic sim, you are letting the team down). The awesome thing about our community is that the genuine experts, are the last to profess expertise – every opinion, experience and rationale helps drive the research agenda and the practice of healthcare simulation forward. Other options are to suggest papers or topics, ask questions or raise a hand or nominate someone else to be a guest on the podcast.

To cite

Symon, B, Brazil, V & Spurr, J, 2018, Simulcast Journal Club: The Second Year, 1st edn. Published Online. Simulcast, Brisbane.

ISBN-13: 978-0-6481679-2-1