Advances in Simulation: Learning From Success

In the next of our series with Advances in Simulation, we consider Dieckmann et al.  Variation and adaptation: learning from success in patient safety-oriented simulation training 

In their own words “we describe the learning from success (LFS) approach to simulation and debriefing. Drawing on several theoretical frameworks, we suggest supplementing the widespread deficit-oriented, corrective approach to simulation with an approach that focusses on systematically understanding how good performance is produced in frequent (mundane) simulation scenarios.” 

Peter Dieckmann and Mary Patterson joined us for the podcast, and we took a deep dive into Safety 2.0 and some theory underpinning this approach. 

Appreciative inquiry, “positive deviance” and “exnovation” are new ideas for most simulation debriefers, but ideas which we need in our toolbox for making the most of our simulation. 

We offer some practical examples for what this might mean for our scenario design, delivery and debriefing 

Thanks to our guests and to Advances for another great collaborative effort 



One thought on “Advances in Simulation: Learning From Success

  • Raúl Julio Collado

    Muy excelente artículo. es evidente cómo la mirada de la sicología cognitiva ayuda a nuestro cotidiano proceder como médicos anestesiólogos. tradicionalmente nos hemos enfocado solo en las Habilidades Técnicas, ignorando el papel trascendente de las Habilidades No Técnicas en nuestro cotidiano accionar.

    Felicitaciones. Aunque mi inglés es malo, disfruto de vuestra publicaciones

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