Advances in Simulation: SESAM

Our next joint podcast with Advances in Simulation focused on the SESAM Conference. 

SESAM is the Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine, and hosts an annual conference. 

This podcast was inspired by a blog post by Gabe Reedy highlighting the ‘best of’ work presented at SESAM 2017 in Paris, and highlighted as a supplement in Advances in Simulation journal . We also took the opportunity to look ahead to SESAM 2018 which will be in Bilbao, Spain June 27 – 29th, with the theme Translational simulation 

My guests were Gabe Reedy (@gabereedy) , author of the blog post and educational leader at SAiL Centres in London, as well as Carla Sa Couto, chair of SESAM scientific committee this year. 

Simulcast will be bringing you highlights form the conference in June.