Learning to be an effective simulation educator is a challenge. Education theory and practice, technical aspects and leadership are just some of the knowledge and skills involved. In this episode of Simulcast we were joined by Demian Szyld, (pronounced ‘shield’…….. “like the weapon” he told me).  Demian (@demianszyld)  is the […]

ep 6. Fellowship of the Sim – Training to be ...

In our February journal club podcast Ben and Vic discuss the paper of the month “Communication in interdisciplinary teams: exploring closed-loop communication during in situ trauma team training”. We shared some highlights from the online discussion, and Ben’s pdf summary is also included here. In short, it seems there’s more to communication skills training than […]

Simulcast Journal Club Podcast 2

Happy New Year from Simulcast We’ve really enjoyed the Journal Club at Simulcast over the last 6 months. A great array of articles, insightful comments from readers and nice perspectives from expert contributors, and brilliantly curated by Ben Symon. We hope it’s another way to bring the healthcare simulation community […]

Simulcast Journal Club Podcast 1

Make the unpredictable, predictable enough Case: We considered this an all too familiar case study…… You’re facilitating a sim session in your ED. The junior docs and the nurses arrive,  a few straggle in late. You do a nice RTR (Round the room) but everyone seems a bit anxious and they are shifting in their […]

ep 4. The Safe Container for Simulation

Read widely and join the conversation Case You’ve got your sim program up and running. The sessions are regular and you’ve managed to find a time when the doctors and nurses can both come. You’ve mastered the technical stuff well enough and you’ve run some cracker scenarios. Your debriefing is […]

ep 3. Getting Started in Simulation Research